Library management, otherwise.

Our OnliBook web-software combines performance and modernity to make managing your library the simplest and fastest. Take advantage of powerful software combining robustness and ergonomics, with the functionality of a classic SIGB and more.

OnliBook is coming ! RDV on July 15, 2020 !

Advanced management of
delays and reminders

Modern and
scalable software

Secure and
encrypted data

Highly customizable

All the most practical features
in one software
A connected software

OnliBook gives you access to a bank of several thousand works. This allows you to easily create your records using the ISBN code of your documents.

A public interface

OnliBook allows you to provide a website on which your subscribers can consult the catalog, the news or even reserve a work.

An advanced security

Your data being hosted on your own servers, it is your responsibility. Your database is only accessible by you The OnliBook application of your establishment is accessible from a domain name of your choice. You and only you control your database, application and domain. Onlibook cannot access these items.

Scalable software,
new features.

OnliBook undertakes to correct the various bugs and of the application within 1 month. In addition, the application benefits from a major update every year. It's up to you whether you want to upgrade to the new version or keep the old one. By choosing OnliBook, you choose freedom and evolution.

Manage your library will become a game



Administration only


Available on

Notices management
Transactions management
Users Management
Sides Management



Administration and public numeric catalog


Available on

Classic offer functionality
Numeric public catalog
Public blog
Public diary
Booking Management


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